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Outstanding High School PE Award



This award is presented to an outstanding high school student who has excelled in physical education. This is not intended to be awarded to an individual who only excelled as an athlete in interscholastic sports. High school physical education teachers can nominate a student/students to represent their institution. The nominee should evidence the following criteria:

  1. Be currently enrolled or enrolled within the past year in a high school physical education program in the state.
  2. Exemplify skill, enthusiasm, cooperation, leadership, and enjoyment of many movement forms
  3. Demonstrate a willingness to assist others in physical education class
  4. Demonstrate a healthy, active lifestyle
  5. Be a role model for other students in physical education
  6. Demonstrates an understanding that physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social interaction.

CTAHPERD will provide a recognition certificate for a male and female student from each high school. It is the hope of the organization that the recognized students will be awarded the certificate at an appropriate school assembly or other award ceremony.

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Executive Director