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Dear SHAPE America Community,

I sincerely hope this finds you and your family safe and healthy. Please know you and your students are on our minds daily as we adapt to the challenges of living — and working — in a world affected by COVID-19.

During this crisis, helping young people stay healthy and physically active has become more important than ever. As a health and physical educator, you’ve always taught students the necessary skills to maintain their physical, mental, and social-emotional health — and now your lessons and activities are helping entire families stay healthy!

While your focus remains on teaching and finishing the year strong, we remain focused on offering the guidance and tools you need to navigate the months ahead.

SHAPE America has been working in close consultation with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure the unique needs of health and physical educators are considered moving forward — and we will continue to take the lead on this effort in the coming weeks.

This is a fast-moving and evolving situation. While we are actively working with educators at all levels to find the answers you need, we are also prepared to adapt to whatever the future may bring. The bottom line is we have your back and we always will.

Thank you for your ongoing support of SHAPE America.

Stephanie A. Morris













CT Association of Schools Press Release

This announcement was sent to school principals…

The Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS) is pleased to announce an exciting new collaboration with the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE). The “Health and Physical Education Partnership Initiative” fills a need at the CSDE to provide guidance and support for health and physical education in Connecticut public school districts. Specifically, CAS will perform the following services:

Support the revision for the Healthy and Balanced Living Curriculum Framework

Promote the online, open sourced curriculum and resource guide for health and physical education

Collaborate with professional organizations such as CTAHPERD and CAAHPE

Develop resources for school districts that address legislative guidelines

Provide technical assistance and support to all Connecticut schools

Act as a support for health and physical education professionals

CAS has designated Joseph M. Velardi to serve as the Connecticut Coordinator for Health and Physical Education. Joe is the former director of health, physical education and athletics in Regional School District 15 and is a past president of CTAHPERD.

Joe is available by email at jvelardi@casciac.org, or by phone at 203 250-1111 x3903. Please share this announcement as well as Joe’s contact information with appropriate personnel within your school and district.

Warm regards,

Glenn Lungarini

Executive Director

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