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SHAPE America – As many health and physical education teachers and professors prepare to teach online due to COVID-19, SHAPE America and other professionals in the field have created a collection of resources to help you continue to provide high-quality, standards-based lessons.


Virtual PE K-2 Bristol Public Schools 2020


PhysEd Depot

    • Here are 7 highly engaging “fun fitness” workouts (popular themes like Roblox, supeheroes, etc) for students with lots of interactive choices (my channel is set to children, so even YouTube Kids will work with them.
    • Here are the video file versions of the fun fitness videos via GDrive folder if anyone wants to grab them for direct downloaded use without having to go use YouTube to watch them.
    •  Here is a Google Slides-based “Choose Your Own Fitness Adventure.” Students will download and click “present” to start the quest (great for building ELA skills too!). I can’t publish to web because there’s no way to turn off “auto-advance slides” and want to give kids time to read.
    • These superhero/hero fitness sheets are similar to Darebee, great for home-based learning. Students can click on them for a larger version, and can even print from there if desired.
    • Here are a ton of self-guided skill challenges that students can work on autonomously with little or no equipment, each based on SHAPE standards:

Hy-Vee KidsFit will be sharing a fun activity each day that requires no equipment, and can be done from home!

PLYOGA Fitness created workouts you could share with your colleagues & students to keep them engaged in PE.  These 11 workouts are vetted, functional, use all planes of motion evenly, and are appropriate for the eyes of young people. ACCESS PLAYLIST

High School PE Resource – At Home

The Physical Educator – Joey Feith – Distance Learning

CATCH Health at Home

Cairn Guidance and Kentucky SHAPE created health education resources:

Elementary Health Education Prompts

Middle School Health Education Prompts

High School Health Education Prompts


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Dear Health & Physical Educators,

We have entered an unprecedented time where many of you will need to create opportunities for your students to earn class credit while staying at home.

In an effort to assist, we have setup a google folder (Shared Online Health, Physical Education & Higher Education Ideas/Plans) where you can share ideas with others.


We know you’re scrambling to get emergency plans in place for extended and unexpected school closings. We just posted new resources in our Active Home module that are outcomes based and ready to go. Send home documents or give parents downloadable links.