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2019 Fall Conference Handouts

Thursday Sessions

John Perricone, Keynote Speaker, 9:30 am Perricone Keynote

John Perricone,Keynote Speaker, 11:00 am Breakout questions for teachers

Tan Leng Goh & Others, Skill-Based Activities to Engage Students in Health Education

Donald Levine & Others, An Interdisciplinary Approach to Physically Educating our Youngest Students-Our PRE-K’s

Everlast Climbing, School of Rock Climbing: How to Rock Your Traverse Wall

Anthony Loomis, Let Social & Emotional Learning MOVE Your Students! (multiple handouts: 1, 2, 3)

Michael Marchetti, Politically “INCORRECT” Holiday Games? A Respective Approach for Each Month of the Year

Bonnie Meyers, Concussion, What You Need to Know

Hariette Sullivan, Catch My Breath: Youth E-Cigarette and JUUL Prevention Program (multiple handouts: 1, 2)

Dan Swartz & Others, Wanted, Cooperating Teachers!

Kimberly Switchenko & Others, Movement, Math, and Mayhem


Friday Sessions

Bonnie Meyers, Concussion, What You Need to Know

Brittany McVey, Incorporating Mindfulness into Your PE/Health Curriculum

Jan Bishop & Connie Kapral, Creating Authors from the Gym to the Classroom (multiple handouts: 1, 2)

Teresa Osborn, 80’s Dance Party (Teresa had a computer crash and lost ALL her word docs!)

Teresa Osborn, Fun, Easy Zumba Choreography (Teresa had a computer crash and lost her word docs!)