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Join us as we build a kinder, healthier future for our nation’s youth.

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More schools are looking for ways to incorporate social and emotional learning into the classroom and throughout the entire school community. The program will benefit your entire school! Need more funds for your Health & Physical Education program & access to free SEL lessons & activities? #healthmovesminds is for you

Have approval to host a fundraiser & ready to get started?

Our 2023-2024 health. moves. minds.® Fundraiser theme will be “Let Kindness Guide You”

Teach Your Students to Make Kindness Bigger! 

Earn Up to 50% Back to Your School!

NEW!! In 2023-2024 the SHAPE America health. moves. minds.® Fundraiser will have three new and additional incentive gift levels to add to the existing $50 t-shirt incentive level – $25, $100 and $200.  These will be gifts from Gopher that Fundraising Champions will enjoy to positively impact their physical activity and health.

SHAPE America’s health. moves. minds Fundraiser is back and this year we celebrate the theme of Amplify Kindness as we teach our students to make their kindness bigger and louder!

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Not ready to lead a health. moves. minds. Fundraiser and receive benefits beyond the lessons and activities?  Gain access to the original health. moves. minds. education resources PLUS 3 new mini-lessons per grade band (K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12) focused around the Amplify Kindness theme; dance, movement, music and self-care; and gratitude. Complete and submit this request to gain access HERE

Testimonials and Success Stories: Premier Issue of In the Zone

Newsletter highlights SEL-based activities for health and physical education. In this interactive issue, you’ll find program tips, at-home activities, and inspiring success stories from teachers who have implemented the health. moves. minds.® program in their school. READ MORE

As health and physical educators, we know the value and importance in implementing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) based programs. SEL is embedded in the program’s standards-based lessons, activities and community building ideas. With many challenges students are facing, their social emotional health is of utmost importance and this program teaches them the essential skills they need. The health. moves. minds.® program brings the lessons, activities, and community-building ideas that can help kids live their best lives. 

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Please reach out to us for more information or to set up a call. Galske@ctahperd.org