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Online Professional Development

CTAHPERD is excited to share our unique and quality professional development opportunities for the Winter and Spring! Must be a current CTAHPERD member to attend! 

March 28, 2023 @ 4:00 PM

“Adapted PE” Show Me What You Can Do!  Jeff Craig Region 15 Schools

Description: Learn to identify and foster opportunities for students with physical and intellectual challenges to shine and demonstrate their full potential.  The session will focus on: effective communication, adapted equipment, and involving support staff to enhance the student experience. REGISTER HERE

April 5, 2023 @ 4 PM

Michelle Rawcliffe, Comprehensive School Health Educator Woodstock Middle School, CTAHPERD MS Health TOY 2022

“CTAHPERD Connects: Gender and Human Sexuality Roundtable: Protection for teachers and students”

Description: This is a follow up from the initial session at our CTAHPERD conference in November, but all are welcome. We will review what we discussed in the first session and explore the following topics: In a time when states are introducing “Don’t Say Gay” bills, what are my rights and obligations as a teacher when teaching sexual health education and GLBT+ students? How can I gain support and protections in my pursuits to advocate for my students? How can I respond to disinformation? What can I do if and when a student triggers my trauma or anxiety?  Participants are encouraged to share resources during this session. REGISTER HERE