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Webinars, Online Courses

MONDAY AUGUST 17th, 10am

Presenter: Michael Ginicola

K-8 PE lesson ideas for any COVID-19 situation this year  Participants will learn about balancing quality content with the challenges of social distancing and limited equipment use, whether in the gym, outside or in the classroom.
Presenter: Michelle Rawcliffe
Teaching Self-Esteem and Body Confidence to middle school students as part of a schoolwide Social Emotional Learning (SEL) plan.  Participants will gain access to the Dove Self Esteem Project Confident Me! Curriculum and learn how to use this powerful tool as a component of a schoolwide SEL plan. 

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 19th, at 10am

Presenter: Robert Silliman

Tech for Distance Learning and Beyond Participants will learn to integrate Google Slides, Google Classroom, and Flipgrid into instruction to increase engagement for both in person, and distance, learning

                                                                      THURSDAY AUGUST 20th, at 9am

                                                                            Presenter: Michael Abraham

Adapted Physical Education – Educating the Student with Special Needs



Participants will learn, discuss and be aware of the Laws that govern the Physical Education mandate concerning students with special needs. Discussion will take place to determine how students are educated in their Least Restrictive Environment (PE setting)