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Gibson-Laemel Scholarship

Gibson-Laemel Scholarship


Applications Due : June 15

Please submit your application through email to: skenej@glastonburyus.org

  1. Declared a major in health, physical education, recreation or dance
  2. Maintains a 2.7 QPR
  3. Awarded to Junior / Senior who meets the above criteria
  4. Membership in CTAHPERD required

In addition to the “Memorandum of Required Facts“, we suggest as essential details the following:

  1. A statement of not more than 350 words expressing your thoughts and feelings as to why you are entering the field of health, physical education, recreation or dance.
  2. Copy of student transcript
  3. Two letters of recommendation (professionally related) from Department and/or Affiliation.

A check from CTAHPERD in the amount of $1,000 ($500 each for 2 semesters) will be forwarded to the college or university to establish credit for the student. This scholarship may be applied toward tuition or room and board. The scholarship is conditioned upon student remaining in school.

Scholarship applications are due June 15.

Additional applications may be copied from the original, downloaded at Gibson-Laemel Scholarship or may be obtained by writing to:

Janice Skene
CTAHPERD Scholarship Chair

Please submit applications by email!

Email: skenej@glastonburyus.org