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Outstanding New Professional Award


Outstanding New Professional Award

This award is presented to an outstanding new health, physical education, recreation or dance educator who has excelled in the profession. This award is designed to recognize exemplary contributions to school and community. Nominations from a colleague or school/agency administrator are welcome.

The nominee should evidence the following criteria:

  1. Currently teaching physical education, health, recreation or dance in a public or private school or agency in Connecticut.
  2. A current member of CTAHPERD.
  3. Teaching for 5 or less years.
  4. Demonstrate passion and skill in their teaching/training.
    Examples: Motivates and engages all students/clients; Demonstrates a variety of pedagogical and management skills;
  5. Demonstrates professional growth.
    Examples: Maintains professional memberships and certifications; Attends workshops, conferences; Applies for grants;
  6. Serve as a role model for students/clients and faculty/staff.
    Examples: Develops rapport and respect; Demonstrates a healthy, active lifestyle;
  7. Demonstrate involvement in their school/agency/community.
    Examples: Before/after school programs; Health promotion programs; Community service programs;

Applicants submit the following materials:

• Two letters of recommendation discussing how the criteria are met.
• CTAHPERD will recognize the OUTSTANDING NEW PROFESSIONAL at the Fall Awards Banquet in November.

Nominations may be sent by June 1 to:

Lisa Galske

CTAHPERD Executive Director
P.O.Box 320
Terryville, CT 06786