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Deadline is June 1

Applications must be received by June 1

Download Application Form

Please forward the form to:

  • Executive Director:
    Lisa Galske
  • PO Box 320  Terryville, CT 06786
  • galske@ctahperd.org

Mini Grant

In keeping with its’ goal to support and encourage professionals as they seek to develop and conduct school and community programs in health, physical education, recreation and dance, CTAHPERD announces the availability of “Mini-Grants.” These grants include “Research Grants.” (These grants are not meant to fully fund an extensive research project.) We ask that each request be for no more than $1,000 and that applicants have not received a grant in the previous year. Executive Council members are not eligible to apply.

Grant proposals must promote the interest of CTAHPERD and will be judged by the following criteria:

  1. Applicants must be CTAHPERD members for a minimum of one year contiguous to application.
  2. Project must relate to health, physical education, recreation or dance.
  3. Project must benefit Connecticut students and/or teachers. Research projects must benefit Connecticut students and/or teachers.
  4. Project must supplement or enhance the existing school/agency curriculum. Research projects must be directed towards supplementing or enhancing the existing school/agency curriculum.
  5. The “mini-grant” project must be approved by a supervisor. (Indicated by signature on application)
  6. Project will be judged by the degree the project will meet stated needs of students and/or teachers.
  7. The project must benefit students of all ability levels (and/or teachers) and be sustainable.